When asked about her journey in music by Shoutout Atlanta, Mary Martin states; “My story is simple – I am a self-made musician with a true passion for what I do, and I hope to convey that through my music.” Mary is a songwriter from Newnan, GA, that specializes in creating a harmonious union between guitar, and voice. Her writing spans across genres; touching upon blues and soft rock, all the way to R&B and Americana. All of these genres seem to meld into each other when Mary skillfully brings them together, whether through a set list of covers infused with her style, or by influence in her writing.

This span of genres and Mary’s passion for writing and performing is what sets her apart in the Atlanta music scene. Her self-taught compositional and alluring performance style make for a unique, and unmissable live act. Some notable live performances include the Masquerade, Eddie Owen Presents, Mad Life Stage & Studios, and more.

In 2020, while Mary was performing in venues across the Southeast region, the pandemic struck. Creativity had to be put to use to keep musical momentum, in absence of performances. Mary used this time to write and record her 2021 5-song release, No Man’s Land. “No Man’s Land was quite the journey to embark on,” Mary says, when asked about the writing and recording process. “I recorded those songs in a small closet, with a USB microphone, and I wrote as I recorded. It was a crazy process, but it was such a good time to explore creativity and turn vague ideas into tangible, listenable material.” This project showcases some of her first work as a producer and engineer, as well as a wide range of writing styles. From the juxtaposition of the airy melody and weighty lyrics of Escaping, to the bluesy Killing Again, and the jazz-influenced New Orleans, No Man’s Land is a unique and soulful blend.

2022 brings much more to the table for the artist. Mary is currently writing material for her first studio release, being recorded at Real 2 Reel Studios. “My new songs are different. They represent a changing season in my life, and some hard-hitting truths in the writing,” Mary says of her upcoming release. While she is writing and preparing to enter the studio, she is also booking performances into 2022 across the Southeast.